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The Sleep Project

We are the only doctor-led clinic that looks at you as an individual and offers you more options than commonly offered elsewhere.

Book your initial 20-minute doctor consultation to explore how we can help improve your sleep. (The cost of this consultation will be deducted from the final price if you choose to proceed with the Sleep Health Assessment.)

Better Sleep
Better Health

Our Sleep Health Test will help you understand what affects you and our Doctors can help you improve your quality of sleep. 

Understand the Science Behind Sleep with the help of our Doctors and Partners


Common Sleep Issues

Underlying Ill Health




Restless Legs

Circadian Rhythm Disorders

Sleep is part of the 3
all-important foundations of health:
Diet, Exercise and Sleep.

Poor sleep contributes to many physical and psychological health problems including shortened life span, dementia, anxiety and depression.

Sleep Issues

Poor Sleep

Sleep enriches brain function: learning, choice, memorising, and making logical decisions amongst many others.

Stress and Sleep

Sleep Deprivation

All living animals sleep but humans are the only species that will deliberately deprive themselves of sleep without legitimate gain.

Track your sleep

Sleep Tracking

Sleep in all its complexity and purpose is strikingly health-relevant offering more than just one function.

Our Approach


Our approach as Doctors is to initially test patients to determine what the sleep problem is and what may be causing it.

What's included:

  • We start with:

  • Blood tests to rule out any underlying health problem and a range of measurements to assess your underlying health

  • Detailed questionnaire on your sleep and circumstances

  • An overnight sleep study in the comfort of your own home with interpretation by a Sleep Physiologist

  • Specialised, unique test to accurately chart your underlying stress levels throughout the day

  • Access to our Sleep Hub containing a wealth of sleep information including videos from our partners to give you the knowledge and tools to start to address your sleep issue

This is followed by a long consultation with our Doctor to review the results and a discussion on treatment options. This would include a lifestyle and medicines review to exclude environmental and Pharmacological causes.

For most sleep problems there is more than 1 option available to allow the individual to choose the solution that best fits them and as GPs, our breadth of training allows us to see the individual as a whole and not restrict our care to only 1 type of sleep problem.​

Some treatment can be given in-house depending on the results or we can directly refer you to our specially selected and trusted, medical and trained team of practitioners for your care.


Some solutions may have an instant effect and others may take some time and effort to achieve a change.

Solutions from our team include:


  • Bespoke Sleep hygiene advice

  • CPAP devices and implementation (sleep apnoea)

  • CBTI therapy (insomnia and stress reduction)

  • MAD - mandibular advancement devices (snoring)

  • Breath and relaxation techniques and strategies

  • Gut health advice and maintenance 

We will be able to accurately diagnose your sleep problem and give you the tools to improve both the Quality and Quantity of your sleep.
The total cost of The Sleep Project is £990

Not included in the £990 fee
Our Team of Specialists

Sleep Focused. Expert Care. Passionate Healing.

Welcome to The Sleep Project, where our mission is to guide you to a better night's sleep and improved overall health. Our team comprises leading specialists across multiple disciplines.

Each expert brings a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate approach to tailor a sleep solution that’s just right for you. Together, we’re dedicated to understanding the complexities of your sleep patterns and providing holistic, personalized care to enhance your sleep quality and, by extension, your life. Let us introduce you to the architects of better sleep, where science and care meet to transform your rest.


"I was struggling with restlessness for months without knowing why. Thanks to The Sleep Project, I could identify and address the real reasons behind my poor sleep quality."


'It was really helpful to rule things out and get to the bottom of my sleep problem'


"Sifting through what was affecting my sleep was daunting, but the team at The Sleep Project made it straightforward. It helped me dismiss what wasn't wrong and tackle what was."

How it works


Book your Initial Health Assessment.


After 2 weeks we will have your results and you will meet with the doctor for an in-depth review.


Your Sleep Plan is developed and you will be directed to one of our specialised team members.

Unlock the secret to better sleep.
Let us accurately diagnose your sleep problem and provide you with the tools to enhance the quality and quantity of your rest.
Book now for the good night's sleep you deserve

The total cost of The Sleep Project is £990

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